Wednesday, 20 April 2011


Hello! Hello! I got my license after four months of practical training at BBDC! OMFG! I still can't believe that I passed at my first try.

Because I was just terrible during my training sessions. I always went home after my training sessions feeling depressed and horrible because I sucked. So I did what every Singaporean did: be damn kiasu lor!

I booked many revision sessions before my actual test date until the circuit courses felt like second-nature. And when my instructor said "you're driving not bad already lah, book test a-not?", I knew I was ready... kinda of... XD

Alas, I was a nervous-wreck on my test date. Couldn't sleep, couldn't eat, was so jittery that I could barely talk. Haha... and when the tester said "are you ready, let's go", I exhaled deeply, and accelerated without releasing my damn handbrake! OMG, that was like two demerit points before I even started on anything!What the @#R!!#$R!!@$23123$~ $@#@

Then along the road, I made another pretty big mistake, and so by half the test, I was so sure I was gonna fail. I really thought that the second mistake warranted an immediate failure... so I was pretty emo for the other half of the test. I think being emo made me relax so much that I forgot I was on a test... so some strange reason: no mistakes when emo.


And at the waiting room, I chatted with a guy from China. We were both so sure that we were gonna fail. And surprise , surprise... I got a letter that said I passed!!!

I shook my examiner's hand in overwhelming joy "thank you sir!" I said! And he returned my handshake limply... eh... why was he so shell-shocked? I only accumulated 10 points what... haha... anyway, I paid up, and am waiting to get my license by mail :)))

Wednesday, 6 April 2011