Saturday, 20 February 2010

Alice in Wonderland

Avril Lavgine singing the theme song, cool video

Maybe it's spring, maybe it's just me

The view from my window was a little different this morning. The sky was a little brighter, the snow on the sidewalk a little thinner, and the sun shinning a little stronger. I really think that spring is coming :)

I finally got to try the chocolate-flavored yogurt that Czechs seem to love. I've been seeing plenty of locals load their shopping carts with chocolate-yogurt. My verdict: not "chocolatey" enough for me ><
But it's curious enough to warrant a try :D

Anyway just to keep myself updated:

Number of times I walked in on someone changing = 2


CNY pics (updates)

Here are some photos of CNY from JY's camera. I thought you might like to see them :)

The dreaded spring-cleaning! Gosh, how did our little apartment get so dusty? We dusted, we mopped, and we cleaned!

Posing in our New Year's clothes! :D
My pull-over was actually meant for men but it was a good fit ( XS size, what can you expect?), and the color was androgynous, so I though, "what the hell", and I bought it ;p

Bakut-teh replaced the steamboat (T-T) Gyabo....

Yu-sheng, a fruit-based one, à la Jingyi, was pretty refreshing! I miss salmon though because fish and other sea-food are "worth" their weight in gold over here.

The usual yogurt for dessert :)

Friday, 19 February 2010

Wenceslas Square... Finally!

Brunch at a shop just round the corner from our apartment that specializes in sausages and other meats. We each chose a sandwich! I had a salami sandwich; JC, a Ham sandwich; and JY, a cheese and egg one! Delicious and inexpensive! After a quick brunch, we headed for Wenceslas Square for more retail therapy.

A cool statue of an upside-down horse in a mall in Wenceslas Square.

Hey! Check out the 7-floor Bata! 7 floors of shoes in a single shop, imagine that! If only the shoes were cheaper! Did you know that Bata's actually a Czech brand? Heh heh... I didn't either... Nothing much to buy though because it's mostly boots on sale. Sigh...

After hours of shopping, we were tired and hungry. So we took the metro, and then the tram. We alighted at the stop near a shop selling stuffed potato pies!

I've been eyeing this shop for days! It looks so irresistable!

Tada! Finally, we were able to stuff our faces with two amazing stuffed potato pies! A chili & meat flavored one, and a ham & cheese flavoured one! ><

Thursday, 18 February 2010

Spring's Preview

Woke up feeling a little uncertain today... Our school coordinator informed us about some changes that we had to make regarding our course registration.

After breakfast and a little lazing about, we made a bee-line for the faculty of Nuclear Sciences to check if we could register for some of their courses. However, we soon realized that the courses that we wanted were set at the most inconvenient timings:(

So, the next alternative was to register for two more courses at our faculty of biomedical engineering, at Kladno. There, we signed up for spectrometry and biocompatible materials. :) Thank goodness! So all's fine lah, nothing major to worry about. Haha because the last day for either adding or dropping of courses is just the next day! Phew... I'm so glad that we've managed to clear this hurdler.

Something miraculous happened today! It rained!!!! And the weather is a little less chilly! Is this a sure sign of the approaching spring? I can't wait!!!

Oh yeah... I've been nursing a cold for the past two days. Sore throat, fatigue, cough, runny nose, and the works... yeah... but I'm getting better already. :) Don't worry about me, I'm fine. In fact, it's a real experience to be a little unwell in a foreign land where you don't have your folks to fret about you. I've learned that the best way for feeling better is to open up and admit that you're really sick, because trying to hide the fact that you feel like crap (physically, I mean) is just gonna make things worse. I'm so glad that I have friends like JY and JC on this trip with me.

Life's been pretty interesting around here :D

Sunday, 14 February 2010

Happy Chinese New Year (2010, the Tiger)

Our wall of fame :) Just a wall decorated with some of the better loved photos that we took while on our trip in Belgium.

The beloved wall is right next to the dining area! Perfect for evoking fond memories while having a hot meal on a cold winter day :D 2010, the year of the tiger, is indeed a unforgettable year for me: my first Chinese New Year spent abroad with friends. Last night, instead of the usual steamboat for reunion dinners, we had "bah kut teh" and a fruit-based "yu sheng"! And instead of waking up in anticipation of new year goodies and being dragged around to visit various relatives, I awoke to snow and a deliciously icy weather :))

This morning, while we were having our breakfast of cornflakes and coffee, JC received a call on his mobile phone. It was a call from the floral delivery: someone had send him flowers! Looking weary and puzzled, JC changed into his grey pull-over and went to collect his gift! By the way, it's valentine's day today, just in case you forgot. He came back holding a bouquet of roses and a brown paper bag with a soft toy inside... It turned out that the mystery sender was... Victor!!!! Haha... how sweet ><

A grey-white pull-over I got for myself. It wasn't expensive, around 20 SGD.

A military-style blazer that is of excellent quality considering it's price! Can you believe it? It costs only around 20 SGD!!! A similar one from Singapore would have cost an obscenely exorbitant amount in comparison! It seems that short coats are all the rage this winter; military styles and trench-coat looks are insanely popular! I got really bored of Kellie's black winter jacket ... when I saw this adorable piece with all its silver buttons... I fell in love instantly! And there was only one size left of the rack! It must be fate :p

Thursday, 11 February 2010

Preparing for CNY

Part one of my new year clothes! Bought a cute black jacket for spring >< costs about ten SGD! Cheap! Haha... mommy probably wants to start screaming at me now... Lucky I'm at the other side of the globe... tee hee... don't worry lah, I'll shop wisely :D

Cute chicky socks from the sotong gang

More cute socks! My fave socks are the simpsons pair >< I saw a pair of simpsons boxers yesterday (yah it's underwear, so what?) and I was so tempted to buy it to wear as a pair of shorts! Lol... I resisted the temptation! Victory!

Makeup at last

Finally using makeup in Prague :D my face wouldn't stop flaking from the dry winter air... I'm really into this Emo look! So much fun with the eyeliner~ :D

When we were at the escalator yesterday, while on our way to the mall, JC commented that guys were taking a second look at me >< freaky... must be the makeup!

But rather than painting my face, I very much prefer working on another person's face. I get bored of my own bone structure...

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

News from CTU (Czech Technical University)

Just received an email from CTU and I'm glad to say that school will officially start on 22 Feb!!! Yeah, more time to play!

Haha, something really silly happened today. The three of us woke up feeling really accomplished because we finally completed uploading our photos onto facebook. After some discussions, we decided to head to the Tesco (a well-known supermarket in Prague) and IKEA, that were at the end of the metro line B. We tidied up after a quick breakfast, gathered our garbage for disposal, and prepared to head out. And then it happened...we forgot to grab our keys! soon as the door (yes it auto-locks) slammed shut, very much to our horror we realised that we were locked out of the apartment!

Praise the heavens! Thank God I was kia-su and kia-xi enough to bring my mobile phone out with me at all times. Phew... so we managed to contact our agent, Jakub, who helped us call a "techician servis"... my heroes! Sorry mommy, my phone bill for this month my be a little horrifying, so just show me a copy of the bill and my friends and I will split it among the three of us. ><

We spent the day at Tesko and IKEA, idling but not daring to buy too much in case we were locked out for good. The technician came to our rescue at 3.45 p.m. He was a burly fellow who reeked of cigarettes!

While waiting for the technician, I look some photos of a snow-covered garden outside our apartment. :)

What a day!

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Belgium, Brussels (Day 5 part 2)

Dinner time :)) we walked by the terrible shop where we had dinner on our second day in Brussels, and swore never to enter that wretched place again!

Our last dinner in Brussels. We had something that sounds a lot like "pile". The friendly waitress promised to make us a nice big "pile" lol :D

Belgium, Brussels (Day 5 part 1)


Window shopping :) while on our way to the Sablon Square sunday flea markets.

Antique flea markets.

We went into the church nearby to admire the amazing stained-glass windows... and to hide from the we chanced upon the windows actually :D

Look up! Clear skies ahead! It makes your mood soar! ><
Enjoying the sun at a park nearby, and someone was playing the piano just a block away. JC said that it was a piece by Tchaikovsky... I not that great with classical music hehe...

Our photographer's silhouette in the winter sun.

The pond was semi-frozen.

Jingyi hurling snow towards the pond to test if it's really frozen.

Is this really meant to be art? I don't really get it

Huddling together like penguins for warmth!

What shall we have for lunch dear? Fries of course, we're in Belgium darling :D

I love street art! It's pure genius and so much fun!

Omg... simpsons and spongebob together!!! How cool is that?

Someone naughty grabbed a handful of the free chocolate samples! Although the candy wasn't delicious it was just fun to eat them!

A bird pooped on me >< for some reason I found the entire ordeal hysterical and couldn't stop laughing

A photographer who was laughing as he secretly took photos of JY and JC wiping the poop off my coat! Then JC took photos of him too, hehe!

More chocolate!