Saturday, 20 February 2010

CNY pics (updates)

Here are some photos of CNY from JY's camera. I thought you might like to see them :)

The dreaded spring-cleaning! Gosh, how did our little apartment get so dusty? We dusted, we mopped, and we cleaned!

Posing in our New Year's clothes! :D
My pull-over was actually meant for men but it was a good fit ( XS size, what can you expect?), and the color was androgynous, so I though, "what the hell", and I bought it ;p

Bakut-teh replaced the steamboat (T-T) Gyabo....

Yu-sheng, a fruit-based one, à la Jingyi, was pretty refreshing! I miss salmon though because fish and other sea-food are "worth" their weight in gold over here.

The usual yogurt for dessert :)

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