Sunday, 14 February 2010

Happy Chinese New Year (2010, the Tiger)

Our wall of fame :) Just a wall decorated with some of the better loved photos that we took while on our trip in Belgium.

The beloved wall is right next to the dining area! Perfect for evoking fond memories while having a hot meal on a cold winter day :D 2010, the year of the tiger, is indeed a unforgettable year for me: my first Chinese New Year spent abroad with friends. Last night, instead of the usual steamboat for reunion dinners, we had "bah kut teh" and a fruit-based "yu sheng"! And instead of waking up in anticipation of new year goodies and being dragged around to visit various relatives, I awoke to snow and a deliciously icy weather :))

This morning, while we were having our breakfast of cornflakes and coffee, JC received a call on his mobile phone. It was a call from the floral delivery: someone had send him flowers! Looking weary and puzzled, JC changed into his grey pull-over and went to collect his gift! By the way, it's valentine's day today, just in case you forgot. He came back holding a bouquet of roses and a brown paper bag with a soft toy inside... It turned out that the mystery sender was... Victor!!!! Haha... how sweet ><

A grey-white pull-over I got for myself. It wasn't expensive, around 20 SGD.

A military-style blazer that is of excellent quality considering it's price! Can you believe it? It costs only around 20 SGD!!! A similar one from Singapore would have cost an obscenely exorbitant amount in comparison! It seems that short coats are all the rage this winter; military styles and trench-coat looks are insanely popular! I got really bored of Kellie's black winter jacket ... when I saw this adorable piece with all its silver buttons... I fell in love instantly! And there was only one size left of the rack! It must be fate :p

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