Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Belgiu, Brussels (Day 4 part 1)

Looking out from our hotel room, to our surprise we found fresh powdered snow!

Our bounty from Carrefour! Plenty of milk, strawberries (they were so sweet), waffles and other goodies...

Me writing my diary in the morning... I'm usually the first one awake... so I usually have plenty of time to take recap the on-goings of the day before. It helps me remember stuff to fill my blog entries with :)

Looking fresh and cheery at the start of the day. It was a cold morning!

And it started to snow heavily!

It's gaufre (waffles) avec chocolat blanc et noir. The waffle was dripping with both white and dark chocolate...an amazing combination...

Smells good~~~~

Chocolate kisses!!!

Who killed santa? Gasp!

Printing maps of the destinations of our choice at the tourist information centre.

Has anyone seen the Comic Strip museum? Blur... cannot seem to find the place.

We found it at last!

Look it's Tintin and his creator, Herge.

They look like twins!

"Smooch"!!! It's BL!!! LOL!!!

Let me introduce you to 'Plunk'!

Hey it's Tintin ><

Tintin galore!

Reminds me of Foxy... sob... I miss my terrible chihuahua. Does he miss me?

Will I grow taller if I drink more mleko (milk in czech)? I want to grow, grow, grow ><

You have 3 seconds to spot JC :D

It's a smurf house and I'm in it! Whee~

On the second storey of the museum.

It's a huge stack of waffles! Was sorely tempted to take a bite out of them! But they were made of plastic (T-T) sob...

Posing with the file containing explanations of the exhibits in English.

I spy with my little eye: it's anime in the museum! Whoo-hoo!

cosplaying anywhere, anytime

Hi, I'm Karen, and you are?

We left the musuem, and went in search for the the congress column. To my delight, there was a couple playing with their dog in the snow! The naughty doggie and I played "chase the ball" >< cute!!!

The congress column.

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