Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Belgium, Brussels (Day 3 part 1)

At the Musee du Cacao et du Chocolat --> the chocolate museum! It took us quite a while to locate the place...

We had waffles again for lunch! I swear we had waffles and fries everyday! Not that I mind ;p however, the waffles from this particular yellow van was not to-die-for...boo...

The whirling ear... in what way does that black slab of metal resemble an ear?

We crept into the Palais des congres to enjoy the bird's eye view from its panoramic hall.

At the metro buying train tickets from the chatty station master. He cheekily greeted us with a loud "ni hao!". He seemed to really have an asian fetish! He was completely pro-asian! Haha, he seemed so excited to see asian faces in a caucasion dominated Belgium.

At the metro, on our way to see the Atomium, another of Belgium's famous attractions.

And we found it! Voici the Atomium! A monument displaying the iron crystal magnified 165 billion times~ a must see for science geeks! But the tickets to enter was outrageous! So we decided to simply admire its exterior :D hahaha~

Next stop, the EU headquarters!

JC's bored while waiting for the rain to stop. So he decided to show off his wonderful figure!

The Parc du Cinquantenaire, also known as Jubelpark, built in 1880 commemorating the fiftieth anniversary of Belgium's independence.

We left the park reluctantly as it was getting late... time to search for dinner to fill our bellies!

Sights and sounds along the way to dinner... we saw Santa!

Almost there! The search for the legendary Maison Antoine - the best fries in belgium!

Le menu makes my mouth water.

And the sight of the shop front drives me insane >< I want my fries!!!! Now!!!

The best fries ever!!! Belgium fries in tartare sauce...drool...

I will never forget you, Maison Antoine(T-T) it was an amazing culinary experience.

Then we hopped into Carrefour for some groceries :)

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