Wednesday, 3 February 2010

News from CTU (Czech Technical University)

Just received an email from CTU and I'm glad to say that school will officially start on 22 Feb!!! Yeah, more time to play!

Haha, something really silly happened today. The three of us woke up feeling really accomplished because we finally completed uploading our photos onto facebook. After some discussions, we decided to head to the Tesco (a well-known supermarket in Prague) and IKEA, that were at the end of the metro line B. We tidied up after a quick breakfast, gathered our garbage for disposal, and prepared to head out. And then it happened...we forgot to grab our keys! soon as the door (yes it auto-locks) slammed shut, very much to our horror we realised that we were locked out of the apartment!

Praise the heavens! Thank God I was kia-su and kia-xi enough to bring my mobile phone out with me at all times. Phew... so we managed to contact our agent, Jakub, who helped us call a "techician servis"... my heroes! Sorry mommy, my phone bill for this month my be a little horrifying, so just show me a copy of the bill and my friends and I will split it among the three of us. ><

We spent the day at Tesko and IKEA, idling but not daring to buy too much in case we were locked out for good. The technician came to our rescue at 3.45 p.m. He was a burly fellow who reeked of cigarettes!

While waiting for the technician, I look some photos of a snow-covered garden outside our apartment. :)

What a day!

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