Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Belgium, Brussels (Day 5 part 1)


Window shopping :) while on our way to the Sablon Square sunday flea markets.

Antique flea markets.

We went into the church nearby to admire the amazing stained-glass windows... and to hide from the cold...lol... we chanced upon the windows actually :D

Look up! Clear skies ahead! It makes your mood soar! ><
Enjoying the sun at a park nearby, and someone was playing the piano just a block away. JC said that it was a piece by Tchaikovsky... I not that great with classical music hehe...

Our photographer's silhouette in the winter sun.

The pond was semi-frozen.

Jingyi hurling snow towards the pond to test if it's really frozen.

Is this really meant to be art? I don't really get it

Huddling together like penguins for warmth!

What shall we have for lunch dear? Fries of course, we're in Belgium darling :D

I love street art! It's pure genius and so much fun!

Omg... simpsons and spongebob together!!! How cool is that?

Someone naughty grabbed a handful of the free chocolate samples! Although the candy wasn't delicious it was just fun to eat them!

A bird pooped on me >< for some reason I found the entire ordeal hysterical and couldn't stop laughing

A photographer who was laughing as he secretly took photos of JY and JC wiping the poop off my coat! Then JC took photos of him too, hehe!

More chocolate!

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