Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Belgium, Brussels (Day 2) Part 1

Woke up in Brussels feeling hyped! :D As we left Hotel de France, we saw Brussels in daylight for the first time. And, the first thing that we saw was this: a gay sex club! Lol >< it was right next to our hotel in all it's rainbow glory! So it's a safe neighbourhood for us girls but I won't say the same for Jin Cheng ;p

Avenue de Stalingrad -> "pasionaria" , a 4 meter long megaphone that invites passer-bys to broadcast their ideas :) it establishes a link between individuals and the public... cool

We walked by the restaurant where we had our dinner on the first night. Le mech oui, thank you for a wonderful dinner!

Still happily looking for Grand Place, at the heart of Brussels, is Belgium's main tourist attraction.

Along the way, we came across a public urinal...People here sure are "open", they don't need much privacy ;p no need for doors!

It started to drizzle so we sought shelter in front of a shop selling antique stamps.

A photo with a friendly fellow who stopped to tell us about Madame Chapeau:

Madame Chapeau (2000, Brussels sculpture located at the corner of the Fédération des Mutualités Socialistes du Brabant building).

Designed to create a dynamics between two streets, this sculpture beams with its presence in the space that was allocated to the artist. The monument is precious to Belgium’s (and especially Brussels’) collective memory. It contributes to the connection of “the people who pass by” on two interactive parameters: the space of what is real and the time of what is imaginary. Looking at the lady closely, one notices the artist’s “zwanze” again: she is fearlessly counting her money in an area of Brussels that is famous for its pickpockets. She even teases them with her unsnatchable bronze wallet!

Madame Chapeau is one of the colourful characters of “Bossemans et Copenolle”, a 1938 comedy by Paul van Stalle and Joris d'Hanswijck, which features old Brussels’ “petits bourgeois”. This play is part of Belgium’s cultural heritage.

A cheeky guy who dashed into frame while we were posing in front of an "interesting" shop! He then cheerfully agreed to pose with us for a photo :D I love belgium folks

Naruto ( a ninja anime) in brussels! I was so excited to see it! ><

One of the many shops selling Manneken Pis-shaped chocolates in Brussels. They come in curious flavours like cassis, banana, raspberry, etc.

More souvenirs of the-boy-who-pissed... :P

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