Thursday, 18 February 2010

Spring's Preview

Woke up feeling a little uncertain today... Our school coordinator informed us about some changes that we had to make regarding our course registration.

After breakfast and a little lazing about, we made a bee-line for the faculty of Nuclear Sciences to check if we could register for some of their courses. However, we soon realized that the courses that we wanted were set at the most inconvenient timings:(

So, the next alternative was to register for two more courses at our faculty of biomedical engineering, at Kladno. There, we signed up for spectrometry and biocompatible materials. :) Thank goodness! So all's fine lah, nothing major to worry about. Haha because the last day for either adding or dropping of courses is just the next day! Phew... I'm so glad that we've managed to clear this hurdler.

Something miraculous happened today! It rained!!!! And the weather is a little less chilly! Is this a sure sign of the approaching spring? I can't wait!!!

Oh yeah... I've been nursing a cold for the past two days. Sore throat, fatigue, cough, runny nose, and the works... yeah... but I'm getting better already. :) Don't worry about me, I'm fine. In fact, it's a real experience to be a little unwell in a foreign land where you don't have your folks to fret about you. I've learned that the best way for feeling better is to open up and admit that you're really sick, because trying to hide the fact that you feel like crap (physically, I mean) is just gonna make things worse. I'm so glad that I have friends like JY and JC on this trip with me.

Life's been pretty interesting around here :D

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