Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Belgium, Brussels (Day 2) Part 2

Just a few steps away from Manneken Pis, we found the legendary Belgium Waffles!!!! OMG...How can food look so good? I'm in heaven! Wonderfully melty, chewy, belgium waffles!

And just round the corner from the most amazing belgium waffles shop, we bumped into the Manneken Pis! According to a local brochure, whenever the Manneken Pis changes into various costumes, it pisses beer!!!

Viola! We found the Grand Place! :D Just a few steps from the amazing waffle shop

Amazing! Even belgium babies are made up of chocolate! :D

At the entrance and in the interior of the metro, Bruxelles Central.

Looking cheery despite being feeling a little lost in the damp weather!

We found it at last!!! The museum of musical instruments! :D It was warm and cozy inside, and the displays and layout of the entire museum was magical and very educational.

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