Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Belgium, Brussels ( Day 2 part 3)

Squinting into the shops in Brussels and you'll be surprised at what you can see!

Brussels gets even prettier as the sky darkens.

When I saw this, I suddenly missed "dim sum" T-T Cry...

Then we wandered into the metro for warmth! And we had frites (fries in french) with mayo sauce for lunch! You would be shocked at the quantity! The three of us happily tucked into one serving of fries, and it was more than enough...

The famous belgium frites! Crispy, golden chunks of heaven!

Burp! The fries was gone in a flash! Delicious!

After lunch, we made our way back into the MIM (Musical Instruments Museum) where we spent a magical afternoon listening to la musique! We were each given a ear-piece to listen to snippets of the instruments on display.

A cafe at the 10th floor of the museum...haha the food there was too pricey...can see cannot taste! ;p

Climb into this magical elevator to tour the museum :)

Smile when you're happy in a museum!

Then we walked back to the grand place and came across many exquisitely decorated chocolate shops ><

We strayed into this open-aired stretch of high end boutiques... chocolates were waaaaaaaay to expensive there.

The expensive bags and sweets from St Hubert. There, we dreamed of the near future where we could buy anything and everything without blinking an eye. There's no harm in dreaming is there when you do your best to fulfill your dreams :)) I get inspired by the unattainable :)) that's just me

On our way out of St Hubert, we posed with a street busker for a candid shot!

With our bellies growling, we went in search of dinner. We turned into an alley near the grand place that was packed with restaurants serving beer, moules (mussels), fries, and other belgium yummies.

We were quite unlucky at our choice of restaurants. A cunning waiter lured us into his shop with promises of good food at affordable prices. However, his temperament turned icy when we decided to order two set meals instead of three. He insisted that we order meals for three as we were a party of three. As he tried to coerce us into the deal, we were equally adamant. In the end, he relented but rendered the most terrible service! :( What a terrible experience! Throughout the meal, I was keeping a wary eye on the food, for fear that the nasty old man might have spat into it.

However, one isolated bad incident did not spoil our Belgium experience.

After dinner, we headed back towards our hotel and were astounded by La Grande Place at nightfall >< one word: WOW.

Prague's beauty and Belgium's grandeur...

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