Friday, 29 May 2009

My lovely darlings

Foxy smiling at the bottle of herbal soup from the Singapore food expo! No doggie u are not getting some.

My fave kitty, Muki, enjoying her nightly tummy rubs from yours truly.

Muki in daylight and the yow-yow-cat on the right. I guess muki and yow-yow are neighbours? They live in different blocks but are darlings no less :)

Muki and the pretty-cat...the two of them used to be enemies. Pretty-cat kept bullying muki into giving up her fave sun-tanning spot to him. What a naughty fellow... but they are now thick as thieves! Wonder how that happened?

Cosplay Preparation

Welcome to the cosplay sewing hell... after many gruelling hours of planning and sewing we finally got down to this: Elizabeth-san frankenstein style

Uma-chan you look like u are trying to bring Elizabeth to life.... mwuahahaha

That's some weird crazy stuff we are doing in the school's pantry.

Hope we don't ever get kicked out!

Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Ulzzang magic!

Yo! I was so hyped-up about cosplay after yesterday's session with umama and jason! We finally completed around 70% of elizabeth-san! Fantastic! But the more we sew the more we had to carry home. Oh...E-chan why are thou so big?

I discovered something called Ulzzang (korean for best face...i think...where u try to look as doll-like as possible) on youtube and here's the results of following its make-up tricks :D So did u think my ulzzang was successful? lol

That gal in the picture maybe wearing my PJs' and carrying my doggie but she sure doesn't look like me *sweatdrops*

Monday, 18 May 2009


Experimenting with false eye lashes today! Gosh... these are so difficult to stick on! >o< And they are way to dramatic to wear out...I look like a drag so i'm only gonna show u my profile which looks...less draggy

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Good Morning to moi

I'm finally starting to sink into the role of a perfect sloth. It took me an entire week to finally learn how to be busy again after the hustle and the bustle of the exams.

So I spent last week working as a health screener... and was dismissed because the H1N1 virus decided to allow me to enjoy the rest of my holidays. Thank was exhausting to have to work 12 hour shifts although the $ka-ching$ was really good!

So I spent this week hanging out with my aunt Ju! I love her so much! She always has so many interesting tales so gossip sessions with her are never boring :D

Ah... I'll be meeting Uma and Jason for the Elizabeth costume today. I wonder how the sewing will turn out?

p.s: Korean food at tanjong pagar seriously kicks good...drool...