Thursday, 8 January 2009

Happy Days

My dog is talented...he's a natural born kissing monster!

The first week of school rocks! These are the perfect lazy days man... I'm so glad that the entire ureca fiasco is over! At last!!! But the prof has yet to reply my email. Geesh...I'll just have to wait for him...and if I have to I'll drop him an email to remind him.

By the way, I learned something about myself today: I hate brain teasers. Haha...Uma, Sam and I were in the resource room when Umami dear suddenly started sprouting brain teasers to ease our boredom. Brain teasers really do fray my nerves! Is it because I have no patience for them? Or maybe it's because they make me feel like a baka! lol...

I'm feeling so warm now. I want a glass of strawberry yoghurt shake. Gimme a minute...the blender beckons...

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