Tuesday, 17 February 2009


I rescued an abandoned bunny last sunday! I had scramble up and down the hill just to save this little bunny from the rain and the menacing cat that was glaring at it. But it was so worth it! Oreo, the bunny has now found a home with my sister's dear friend Ms. J. Thank you Ms. J for kindly taking in the bunny!

Guess what? I finally got off my butt and joined the SPCA! Hurray! Finally! I hope uma can join me too cuz the people there are really nice. I mean reaaaaal nice not in the phoney kind of way! The staff at SPCA are just amazing!

I think I kinda annoyed umama with my constant whining about being a vet. Sorry about that. Gomen nasai... It's just that I hate my genetic make-up...why must I be allergic to dog's saliva? I wish I could carry those furry critters like everyone else without constantly worrying about being licked. Coz if I don't wash off the saliva immediately, I'll be itching like crazy for the rest of the day.

Anyway, I went to Jurong Point with Dad last night to get a support pillow for his neck! The price was pretty cut-throat but sis and I will be sharing the cost. The sales woman had one of the most SPARKLING eye shadow I've ever seen. Her eyes were shimmering like twin purple disco balls. Pretty amazing stuff huh?

biophysics tests results are out and I passed!!!! Mukyaaaaaaaa!!!

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