Sunday, 9 August 2009

Girls movie outing - UP we go~

Met up with two gorgeous darlings from my JC days - HanYing and HuiMin :) due to my selfish requests both agreed to join me for my first 3D movie experience- UP. Yes, I am a backward turtle...never watched a 3D full length film until that fine saturday afternoon, so bite me :p

Anyway the movie was kinda boring. The music was too repetative, every track was french themed and oh-so-classical! Hanying said it reminded her of the movie Amelie? I had to try to hard to refrain from snoring. Gosh...and there were so many noisy kids there. Sigh...

The 3D effects were too bland for my liking. Nothing too drastic or exciting there... In fact the trailer for Jim Carey's new movie was way better than this one. Gaaah! Schools starting tomorrow! T-T

3D movie

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