Thursday, 22 July 2010

Taking it nice and easy with Kopitiam

I've been hanging out with my aunt for the past few days :)) seems like we have something in common, a deep an unrelenting love for Singapore's street food!

There's really no need to dish out cold, hard cash to dine in some posh place where what you're really paying for is the ambiance. It's just as much fun hitting back one or two "kopi su su"s' in Kopitiam >< ahaha~

My caffeine addiction is pretty serious, man I don't function without my morning dose. Coffee is my bane, and my best bud. So there ;p

Okay, so we didn't always have to stick to street food. Mom gave me a voucher for tea at this lovely cafe in Shaw, Orchard. Aunt Juvina and I went there today and we sampled a sinfully rich "chocolate gateaux" along with our cappuccinos... Can life get any better?

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