Tuesday, 9 November 2010

FYP meetings and Europe

Aunt Juvina and Uncle Doug embarked on a thirteen day ( I think?) trip to Europe last week. LOL... and they actually forgot to bring their camera. I wonder if they're back already? I send Aunt Ju an sms during the weekend but she hasn't replied me. Having one too many beers in Prague maybe? ;p Please give me a shout/sms when you guys are back in Singapore.

The weather's been really crummy this week. So sadly, it's already almost Wednesday and I've yet to get my much needed dose of adrenaline rush at the pool :( make the rain go away! >
Damn the stress levels are especially high this week. It's because at least 60% of the year four students are rushing off to meet professors about FYP projects. I've got my eye on some projects... so I'm gonna keep my fingers crossed! ;)) Pray for me!

AFA on Saturday anyone?

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