Thursday, 19 May 2011

A lucky lucky day with the sotongs at ion orchard

Ehehehe~ Sorry about the weird photos. I like goofing around with my webcam while still in my PJs! Unglamorous is the new GLAM, didn't you hear? Haha... I'm strange that way.

The sotong gang finally reunited yesterday at Ion orchard to hunt down a birthday gift for Char (another beloved member of our sotong council). And yes, I finally got my beeeeeee-lated birthday gift from the sotongs too! I like it so much thank you, you guys.

I think that our sotong telepathy powers are getting stronger with time. They made me guess what was on the card they made me.

  • Sotongs: can you guess what's on the card? heh heh heh~
  • Karen: yellow = simpsons!
  • Sotongs: which simpson? :p
  • Karen: *peers at the back of the card* round dome like head= Homer
  • Sotongs: eh? Can you guess what he's doing? *nervously*
  • Karen: eating a donut~ *RANDOM answer*
  • Sotongs: YOU CHEATED!
  • Karen: hahaha... did not! Xp

The funniest thing about yesterday was that although our number 1 priority was to get a gift for sotong Char, we kept deviating from the mission and buying lots of other stuff for ourselves. Haha... so sorry Char! The temptation to shop was too great after being cooped up at home for so long... I'm practically moldy, with mushrooms sprouting out of my head.

And the best part of the day was our unexpected gift from the OH-SO-GREAT-POWERS-OF-THE-UNIVERSE. We were ambushed by a girl doing a survey, she promised each of us a mystery lipstick if we went through with it. And so being curious about the gift *cough* and cheapskate *cough* I was all ready to be surveyed.

After the longest survey of my life... and after the other four sotongs completed theirs, we crept to one quiet corner in ion orchard (is there even such a place?) and tore open the black paper bag... Holy mother of God!

We each got a full-sized Chanel Lipstick!

I'm sharing this with you so that if you've got nothing better to do today, I highly recommend hanging out at ion orchard ><


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Jiaying said...

You are eating Holmer eating his doughnut! so greedy of u! Anyway do update your blog of any pictures u took in US! Hope it has been all good so far!:)