Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Nearly had a heart attack

Omg! My mom misplaced my A level Cert and the entire family went on a crazy cert-hunt! Except for Dad (aka homer-simpson-doppleganger) who was cool as a cucumber, sipping a coke infront of the telly... What will I do without my Dad? In the end we found my cert...phew...

Yawn...gonna go watch some MJ music videos before going to bed. I'm quite tempted to watch the MJ movie when it hits the silver screen. The trailer was freaking awesome~

T-T can't believe I going to Czech...I'm so touched!

And can u see my tears of joy? My blogger account is back to normal again!!!! Yuppieeeeeeeee~~~~

And here are some photos from our Bukit Timah Field Trip. If you're wondering why there aren't any trees or monkeys in the background...don't strain youself...cos we were fooling around at the back of the bus ><

Why does my hair look so weird?

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