Friday, 25 September 2009

Updates on the Fox

Can you believe it? Foxy the chihuahua is now 3 kg! ZOMG... he's put on quite a bit of weight for a little fella >< He used to be a slender 2.5 kilograms... How did this happen? Lol...he might be fat-ter but he's as happy as always - and not to mention naughty as usual too. Dogs are such wonderful beings! They deal with all the shit that life brings... sniffing poop is really big in the world of the canine. I sniff yours and you do mine. "It's basic courtesy, no more, no less," says the Fox.

Anyway I came home today to find my room in a mess! I swear, it's as if a hurricane ran though the place! But it was just my tiny chihuahua busying himself with building a comfortable nest to call it a day.

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