Saturday, 6 March 2010

I'm Dancing in the Snow without a care

Finally! It's here!!! Squeals!!!! Last night, we found a note stuck to the tag board at the lobby of our apartment. It was a note to inform me that I had a parcel! Thanks Aunt Ju, I finally got the parcel your sent me. Will chow down some of the chocolates tonight :D

My first parcel in the Czech Republic... I was practically dancing with joy when I got my hands on the parcel! I love it! There's just so much fun in the simple things in life :) Haha... and Victor (JC's "special" friend) will be sending us a parcel too! I think he said that his parcel contains 4 tubes of moisturizer and some seasoning... how thoughtful of him!

This morning, we awoke to the heaviest snow fall that we've ever seen!

Every thing was covered with snow!!! It's so freaking cold today! Feeling elated from the sight of the snow again (we thought spring was here, and winter was gone) we bundled up in our warmest clothes and headed out. We had lunch (fried cheese burgers) at Wenceslas Square, and then we roamed around prague on tram because it was just too cold to explore the place on foot! Coincidentally, we found ourselves at Namesti miru, where the longest escalator in the Czech Republic is :) haha and JC took a video of us on it. So I guess you can wait for it to be uploaded onto facebook :)

Here's jingyi all dressed up and pretty! I think she was inspired by the movie Julie and Julia :) heh heh... that's why she's so in love with flower prints. JC did most of the styling for JY's outfit! Not bad, not bad at all... by the way, do you find her coat familiar? ;p

We then met Ricky, a Malasian friend from NUS at Wenceslas Square for lunch, where we had out first ever fried cheese burger! Yum! Then we invited Ricky him home for dinner! Our first house/ apartment guest!

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