Tuesday, 30 March 2010

More Food, A Horror Museum and Some Night Shots

Hey guys, here's the last part of our Berlin adventure:

Jingyi's favorite place in Berlin: Mehringdamm. A cozy little corner in Berlin where life moves at a comfortable pace. People watch people while enjoying gastronomic delights in cafes like we see in the movies... The food on their plates makes my mouth water...
Blackforest cake! One of our must-try foods on our trip! :D I think I preferred the cherry flavoured coke... can't seem to find it in Prague ><
While wandering along the streets of Meringdamm, we spotted an adorable ice-cream shop with bright pink walls! Oh! What a long queue there was! And there were so many kids happily tucking into their ice-creams! I wanted one too, but the queue was too long, we had to rush to the next musuem... Such a pity!
Only famous people wear glasses! Are you one of them?
And then, it was time for lunch! Another amazing doner kebap!
Smile when you're in good company! Smile when you're with great food!
And we left Mehringdam by metro...
It looked haunted... with its imposing aura... we stumbled inside apprehensively
Is that horror or glee on my face? You be the judge!
The entrance to the Berlin Chamber of Horror... enter at your own risk
Brave soldiers off to explore the unknown... what horror awaits them?
Adolf Hitler's last breadth.
The resident ghost haunts the place... Don't stare at it for too long... it might just follow you home.
And with that, we left the horror museum... I was a little sad to go for I enjoyed the scares so much! But I think JY and JC were a little traumatised by the part where we were chased by the resident "ghosts" (actually the museum staff in costimes) around poorly lit rooms. Fun, fun, fun!
Brandenburg Gate at night is way more beautiful than in the day! Although it was getting a little chiller, the view was spectacular!
The tv tower in Berlin which houses a revolving restaurant... we didn't go into it though.
The Bebelplatz (formerly Opernplatz) is a public square in Berlin, the capital of Germany. The square is on the south side of the Unter den Linden, a major east-west thoroughfare in the centre of the city. The Bebelplatz is best known as the site of the book burning ceremony held on May 10, 1933 by members of the S.A. ("brownshirts") and Nazi youth groups, on the instigation of the Propaganda Minister, Joseph Goebbels. The Nazis burned around 20,000 books, including works by Thomas Mann, Erich Maria Remarque, Heinrich Heine, Karl Marx and many other authors.
Today a glass plate set into the Bebelplatz, giving a view of empty bookcases, commemorates the book burning. Furthermore, a line of Heinrich Heine is engraved, stating "Dort, wo man B├╝cher verbrennt, verbrennt man am Ende auch Menschen" (in English: "Where they burn books, they ultimately burn people"). Students at Humboldt University hold a book sale in the square every year to mark the anniversary.

A moving pub serving beer that's powered by cycling! Lol... one of the guys on board even waved and invited us on board! I love them crazy Germans!
Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church, with only the shell of the old neo-Romanesque bell tower remaining. In striking contrast is the new church, constructed beside the old tower in 1961 and nicknamed "lipstick and powder box". Can you see the resemblance to a lipstick? It was the very last attraction that we visited... I was exhausted!
Off to the bus station!
A pot-luck party while waiting for our bus-ride back to Prague! We had chips, cookies and milk (which smelled strangely of fart) for dinner! Dinner was an hour long affair. Eventually, we couldn't bear the chilly winds, so we scrambled into the heated rooms and waited for another two hours to pass. And finally, we were homeward bound! I missed our apartment in Prague!

It's good to be back!

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