Friday, 16 October 2009


Preparing for an exchange programme can be terrifying; exhausting; exhilarating; and amazing all at once. There are times when I feel so stupid, and times when I'm really glad that my moments of baka-ness/blur-ness gives me the chance to learn something new. I love it, I really do :) I'm so sorry that Jin Cheng and Jingyi are the once doing most of the stuff. Please bear with me... I'm trying to keep up :) So I really wanna shout out a big " THANK U" to the two wonderful people who probably don't read my blog...

Any way, I came home to a huge pile of dog poop... it's the biggest pile of chihuahua shit I have ever seen! Sugoi!!!!

Will be flying with airasia on 4 Nov to get my visa done in KL :) wish me luck

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