Saturday, 24 October 2009

Quiche - a sexy sinful brunch

Before this baby was popped into the oven.

Viola! My beautiful breakfast!

This was what I had for breakfast today! Making your very own quiche can be delightfully idiot-proof. I'm not kidding, if I can do it, there's no way in hell anyone's going to screw this one up :p

All you need are these ingredients: a pie crust, pepper, mixed herbs (your choice), salt, pepper, 3 large eggs, half cup milk, thickened cream, ham or bacon, and some swiss cheese.

So simple, so marvelous, so delicious... this is what life is all about!

On a side note, ep 4 of the simpsons's season 21 is a dream come true! A treehouse horror episode parodying resident evil... is this an omen of the next RE movie? I'm sooooo ready of the next movie!!!!

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