Thursday, 8 October 2009

Oi! Don't sneeze on my chihuahua

I found these last night in a pile of Kellie's junk! These tissue packets are so outrageously cute >< but their owner has forbiddened me from using them. Something of a death threat was involved... so I'll be oogling but not touching

If you look really closely, you'll probably notice foxy's butt and tail in the background. That's one of his faveourite snoozing hangouts. Head under the bed; ass and tail hanging out for some poor unsuspecting victim to trip over. I have a feeling that Foxy thinks he's a Ostrich. The dog who wants to be a giant bird must hide his head at all costs. "If I can't see can't see me either" says the Fox.

Yeah right. Nice try doggo...

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