Thursday, 22 April 2010

London Day 1

Departing from Ruzyne airport in Prague

After the hour long flight towards London, we took a coach that brought us to
Baker's Street station

In the London tube where it's really tiny! Smaller than the MRT in Singapore!

Totally tired...

Dinner from the nearest Tesco we could find!

Londo, England's capital! I'm now blogging from our hotel room in Channins Hounslow Hotel where they have free wifi = yays!!!

And it's quite a traumatizing experience so far... Sob... (LOL)

First, the flight to London was fine initially though there were some delays. I had fun writing postcards on board together with JY and JC. Then, a migrane hit me right when we were landing. It was so f*cking painful that I could not open my eyes! And to make things worst, the Czech girls sitting behind me kept kicking my f*cking chair!

So I was in such a terrible mood when we landed in Luton airport. I was grumpy and gloomy but my mood eased on the ride (via coach) from the airport to Baker's Street! Baker's street, that's where Sherlock Holmes lives isn't it? :)) Ultimate coolness!

Then, we took a really long train ride using the oyster passes that we purchased. We alighted at the metro stop, Hatton Cross. From there, we walked 2 kilometers in the dark (okay, so it was not really dark, there were some street lamps) towards our Hotel. Thank god for JC who singlehandedly navigated us towards our destination! On our way, we stopped by Tesco (a supermarket franchise) and grabbed dinner. Dinner was a simple affair of cold pasta, chips, muffins and juice. It costs only 2 pounds a person! Cool huh? Seems like we'll be patronizing more of Tesco if we don't want to go home penniless. Lol...

The houses that we saw along the way to the hotel bore amazing resemblance to those that we saw in the Harry Potter movies! I almost expected to see Potter tumble out onto the lawn with his baggage in tow...

Anyway, I had another terrible experience in the hotel! And it involved the bathroom, claustrophobia, panic and nudity... shall not elaborate or I might have to hang myself from the embarrassment ><

However, the second morning has been alright so far. Breakfast was typically English. We had toast, coffee, and some cornflakes. No nudity today thus far... So I'm writing in hopes of having a eventful London journey for the next three days.

Hopefully there will be no more unexpected nudity...

Yes, I will upload the photos in to my entries once JY posts them on fb. So for now, I hope that you'll bear with me and continue tuning in to my life-story.

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