Tuesday, 27 April 2010

London Day 2

It was quite an amazing feeling to climb out of bed and find yourself in London! And as expected, breakfast was a simple affair of hot coffee, cereal, and toast that was thickly coated with butter or jam!
After breakfast, we took to the streets! The weather was amazing... We kissed our heavy winter jackets sayonara and were happy to don its lighter spring equivalent!
Using the oyster cards we purchased, we hopped on board one of the buses that took us to the nearest metro, Hatton Cross.
Voilà le musée! We spent the rest of our day wandering through the halls of two amazing museums in utter amazement! Most of the major museums in London allow visitors to enter free of charge! In fact, we soon learned that museums were a fantastic source of the "loo" because public toilets are so difficult to find in London.

Okay... my amazement with the Science Museum and

Museum of Natural History probably lasted for the first two hours... and thereafter, I was bored stiff. However, my companions seemed to be genuinely impressed by the exhibitions! I on the other hand couldn't wait to escape! I guess this just goes to show how people can have different interests. Is it nurture or nature? I'll let you be the judge.

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Xiang Yan said...

I like the first photo, you look nice:)

and I like the last paragraph too, so funny!! LOL.. I don't like museums too:p