Sunday, 2 May 2010

London Day 3 and 4

Postboxes in London are bright red in color! Very charming indeed!

Fooling around in a park that extends to the famous Hyde Park that we did not have time to visit. "I can be as stubborn as Foxy too when he goes for his walks!"

Yes, we visited the famous Harrods. Prices were sky-high there, and it seems that this is the place that only employs beautiful people. All the sales staff were gorgeous! Eye-candy galore!

Fantabulously exhausted after another grueling day in London! We fell asleep while watching a Harry Potter movie... did not even realize JC taking this photo.

On the fourth day of our trip, I requested a visit to the Museum of London :)
We had fun in the museum while trying on the exhibits! Yes, we were allowed to do so! There was a sign that encouraged visitors to try them on :D
Spring is beautiful! Okay that's all for London. Glad that I'm finally done with blogging. Up next will be about my trip to Amsterdam; city of pot, spacecakes and prostitutes!

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