Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Amsterdam Day 2

I was chomping on stale bread in the hotel lobby while deciding our itinerary for the day.

After breakfast, we left our hotel and took the free shuttle bus to Schiphol Airport. We spend more than an hour there trying to navigate our way towards Amsterdam Central Station using the most affordable way possible! It was crazy because there were tons our people heading to the Central to celebrate Queen's Day. Almost everyone was decked out in neon orange: some wore orange hats, some had orange shirts and some girls had neon orange falsies glued on their eyelids! It was outrageous funny how everyone was in the mood for some fun! There was even a random guy dressed in a frilly prink tu-tu!

Of course, we had to attire ourselves appropriately for the occasion! :D

Because even the dogs and cats were all dressed up to party!

We decided to visit a Cheese and Clog making farm in Volendam by taking a bus there.
Here's what the farm looks like. Pretty cute huh?

Of course, there are pretty milkmaids aplenty on the farm!

Oh! Yes, let me introduce you to our guide.
Dutch people have an amazing sense of humor! Our guide cracks me up with all his little stories! I loved the one about the clog that was carved with a naked mermaid!

It was simply too hard to resist lunching in the farm! We were told that they only serve "cold" lunches...
Here's the spread for three! Omg, the quality and the sheer quantity of the food took my breath away! The Dutch really know about hospitality!
After lunch, we made our way out of the farm to admire Volendam in its natural glory! This has been one of my favorite places so far! I love it despite the bone-chilling winds what threatened to make away with our new orange hats!

Beautiful isn't it! I would love to have a house here :))
Even the animals graze happily :))

When in Netherlands, one does not forget about its famous windmills!

Hours later, we returned to Amsterdam Central to spend the rest of our evening. Celebrations were getting rather wild in the streets!
The young, the old, and even our four-legged friends were decked out in neon orange and ready to party! People were setting up stalls everywhere on the streets, selling anything you could imagine: clothes, toys, painting, musical instruments, food, cakes, cannabis laced energy drinks, etc.

People were dancing, they were singing, they were puking their guts out, and they were also peeing on the streets! It was a drunken frenzy of celebrations, and it was a blast!

I was quite sorry to leave the Centraal but we had to return to our hotel for a good night's rest! We were going to see the tulips the very next day!

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