Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Amsterdam Day 1

Ah gosh... I'm finally blogging about Amsterdam! Yes, this entry is way overdue!

I had an excellent flight with Wizzair towards Amsterdam. There was no severe headaches, and no one to kick the back of my chair. I even had enough time to read the travel guide that Kellie bought for me as a present for my 22nd birthday :))

Here, we're in Eindhoven Airport. You can't see me because I'm the one working the camera. Perhaps if you look closely enough, you'll see my open notebook - it's my travel diary! I write in it whenever I have time to spare; then, I was writing while waiting for our bus to bring us to Central Amsterdam.

It was a 2 hour bus ride! The journey was peaceful and comfortable. Naturally yours truly fell into a deep slumber. I can sleep anywhere, anytime, as tested by JC and JY.

[Last night I feel asleep on the couch while waiting for JC to emerge from the bathroom so that we could complete our homework together. As I snoozed, the pair tried all ways and means to wake me up: they sang, they jiggled, and they danced! But I didn't even stir... :p]

2 hours later, we alighted beside a canal with an amazing view! The streets were thronging with tourists, and bright orange balloons and other decorations filled the place with a festive mood! You could just sense the tingle of fun and mischief in the air! Everyone in Amsterdam was preparing themselves for Queen's Day!

We walked to Anne Frank Huis - also known as the house of Anne Frank. However, we did not enter the place as the admission fees were exorbitant! Thus, we took a little stroll along the canals...

And we found a nice little joint that sold crispy golden fries!

Although the fries were better than your average McDonald's fare, fries in Belgium were way better in comparison. After our quick snack, we headed for Albert Heijn, a supermarket, for some groceries. Everything was really expensive! So we settled for some water, cake and bread.

Public transport in Amsterdam is insane! I wonder how the locals manage to navigate through the many means of public transport. The various modes of public transport are run by different company, so you'll have to get the correct tickets in order to hop on board. Insane! We took more than an hour to get to our hotel from Amsterdam Central >< but the arduous journey was well worthwhile because our hotel was fabulous! I love Hotel Schiphol A4~

Guess what we had for dinner? Yup, it's KFC! Kentucky fried chicken is finger-licking good in Amsterdam! The taste is just slightly below that of Prague's in terms to "deliciousness" :p

After dinner, we took a long soak in the bathtub together. Relax, we weren't naked. LOL. We were just soaking our poor, tired feet together! And that was how I spent my first day in Amsterdam :D

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