Sunday, 30 May 2010

Crazy, crazy, crazy


Life's been really crazy recently. Planning for trips and stuff. Barely having a moment's rest, but I'm really not complaining. The end of my time in Europe is drawing close, so I can totally understand when JC says that he wants to make most of his time here.

I can't believe that in forty days or so, I'll have to bid goodbye to everything that I've come to love here. My new friends, my apartment, my housemates, my feelings, the satisfaction of fulfilling my wanderlust. There would be a goodbye, but not a final one because one day I'll be back.

Enjoy the video, it's a reflection of my mood... mellow... reflective...sad...but thankful nonetheless...

I'm really lagging with the updates on my travels but you can just check out the pictures on your own. All you need is a facebook account :P

Tomorrow's the day where we do our last exam in Kladno. It's the Anesthesia and Resuscitation paper. Gawd... it is one of my private nightmares where I curl up in bed hoping that the paper would be over... painlessly if possible. Might it be too much to ask? Anyway, I hope that I would be able to pass it. Just one more paper and then it's freedom and an orgy of major traveling plans!

We're probably going out for dinner tonight. To a pub nearby maybe? I think I'm starting to like drinking... oh no... bless my poor liver!

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