Saturday, 8 May 2010

Meeting a New Friend and a Visit to the Museum

"Entropa is a sculpture created by Czech artist David Černý under commission for the Czech Republic to mark the occasion of its presidency of the Council of the European Union. The sculpture was supposed to have been created jointly by 27 artists and artist groups from all member countries of the EU; but in a hoax, Černý and his three assistants created the satirical and controversial work depicting pointed stereotypes of European nations and fake artist profiles complete with invented descriptions of their supposed contributions."

This slightly over-priced musuem of contemporary art, Centre of Contemporary Art DOX in Prague-Holešovice, is probably one of the museums that I enjoyed most!

It was pretty relaxing to look at a piece of artwork and then to try to get under the artist's skin to figure out what the hell he was thinking when creating. The creator of Entropa was probably somewhat of a jokester (like myself) who was probably not thinking too much of the consequences when he designed the Entropa. On one hand, I admire his guts for his fearlessness of controversy; on the other, I wonder at his lack of common-sense. Ah... oh well... perhaps this piece reminds me too much about my own situation when I provoke others without any ill intention.

Seems like life is full of misinterpretations and misunderstandings. Ah... I do sound very melancholic when my heart is heavy... Don't worry too much about me... I'll be alright. After all, wounds heal, and the best medicine is time. But I'm glad that I cleared things up with you guys... you know who you are... now I'm able to be genuinely happy again. I'm a straightforward kind of person, I don't like lying, I don't like hiding things. So I'm just so glad that it's over and I can breathe again. Thanks for thrashing things out with me although it was a very emotionally painful situation... I was quite traumatized but I'll be alright. I'll give life my best shot at it!

Finally met up with XiangYan for the second time! It was our first official introduction to each other! :)) Meeting a new friend makes me really really happy! I think it made me forget about all my troubles. I love the feeling of being able to open up and connect to someone! Friendship is incredible! :)) This meeting was an unexpected one because we invited Ricky to visit the museum with us and he told us that he would be bringing along a friend... guess who that was? XiangYan! Haha... life has its nice surprises! Oh no... I just realized that I forgot to give Ricky and XiangYan the souvenirs that I bought for them in Amsterdam...

Last night, after dinner at our apartment, XiangYan shared something really close to his heart with us. He told us about some of his painful experiences with friendships and I could totally relate to that. It was such a heart-wrenching story of betrayal and misunderstandings. Human beings are such complex creatures. Why can't we put all our willful pride aside and speak only the truth?

I think the meeting healed me a lot. Thank you fate for this chance encounter. Perhaps God wants me to learn something from this meeting...

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