Monday, 31 May 2010

Emo No More

Sorry about the previous post :p it was my therapy to have a typo-diarrhea in order to feel better.

I'm sure my sis, Kellie knows this well because whenever life screws with me she's always there to listen to the worst of my ramblings. And then, there comes the "everything-will-be-fine-hug". You can't find a better sister in the world!

And Umama, haha no wonder we're BBFs! We take turns to emo, lol! You were feeling down last week and just today I got bitten by the emo-bug!

Thanks to Umama, XiangYan and Jason for cheering me up! I feel loads better already! You guys are the best! :))

Probably going out to a pub nearby for dinner and a beer later!

Hehe, I played with another doggie outside my school again. It was whining while waiting for its owner to be done with the ATM or bankomat as they call it around here.

Karen's Theory of Equivalence

Happiness = love= friends = food = cute furry animals

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

How can food = furry animals?

Don't tell me you intend to roast foxy!!?? Or JC's hamsters!!

Just kidding! =P