Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Dinner and Going Solo

This morning, JC got bitten by the "solo" bug. He was just itching to travel and he did, alone, to Vyšehrad. He spent the entire morning exploring the place taking pictures, and taking in the view, I think (for I was not there with him... haha how could I have known what else he did?). I wish he asked us along, I would have liked to go... but it's okay, I guess everyone needs sometime alone on their own.

So I spend my morning learning French, listening to music (Blue's album) and watching Nodame Cantabile. Jingyi and I had lunch together without JC because he said that he didn't want any. It was a little strange because it was the first time that we were eating without JC who came back at around 2 in the afternoon.

I took a quick nap. I was awakened by the sound of JC and JY discussing something: it was his pictures from his solo adventures. Ah... so that was where he went, Vysehrad! I didn't ask him where he went because it seems like he wasn't in the mood for talking :p Then after that we watched an episode of "house" together! The show is really getting addictive! A very "medical" drama!

After the show, I washed up, dressed and left the house. JC started baking while I was preparing to leave, and JY helped out. Then I was off to Karlovo Namesti to meet XY for dinner! It was my very own "solo" adventure! Haha... okay I was only solo for about 30 minutes. I took the tram, and then the train to Karlovo Namesti. I got there before XY, so I got out of the station and walked to the "Dancing House". It was quite refreshing (and scary) to be out and about in Prague on my own, I really don't mind doing this more often. The freedom and independence can be quite liberating!

Then I walked back to the station where XY and I located each other through a phone call that went:

me: hello, I'm here :)) where are u?
XY: I'm here but I don't see you, did you exit from the wrong side?
me: eh... no... ah I see you!
both: "hangs up"

After that, we went to get some groceries before heading to his apartment. It was a very nice and clean room. It was tidy although the table was cluttered with textbooks (hey it was exam time, who could blame the future doctor in the making?). I was very fascinated by the bookcase that housed the many souvenirs that XY collected.

We cooked dinner together! It was great fun! I learned to peel potatoes using my left hand today... haha... because the peeler was made for left-handers only! LOL... And today, the biggest shock is that I cooked!!! And the food was actually edible!!! My mom would be proud!

After dinner, we chatted over coke and chips ><>

At ten, I was starting to doze off a little, so XY offered to send me home. :)) First time I've had someone escort me right to my doorstep! Thank you for your chivalry :))

You're really too nice to girls. Maybe that's why all those "mei-mei" misunderstand... :p

Okay... that's all for today's happy post! Glad to have found a like-minded soul in Prague. Lets stay in touch even when I'm back in Singapore...

Good night, I'm reaaaallly sleepy... but happy

Just "grin and Bear with it" ;))

P.S.: I dressed up as a doctor today, and my first patient was a teddy bear :3

And good news! I lost a little bit of the weight I gained! At last!!!

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