Monday, 7 June 2010


We waited for XinYi in the Skavsta airport in Sweden... I was studying French to kill time! JY was folding origami paper boxes! Omg... people were staring at the mess we were creating. Paiseh! JC was doing whatever he was doing. Haha... stoning and looking very bored if I remember correctly!

Meet XinYi the nicest girl ever! She took us to tour her school (KTH) ground and library. She's such a wonderful person!

Such strange looking ice-cream they had in Sweden! We had the Daim flavored ones that my sister told me about! Yummy, super loved it!
We had a delicious and unforgettable barbecue in the cold, cold evening.

Can you guess where we were eating? Just look a little closer!

"Zi pai" hahaha just because I had nothing better to do! Don't you think that JingYi's getting prettier and prettier? Don't need any "Fann-Wong Project" lah!
Oi, oi! Wake up! You're in Sweden! Why look so emo! Enjoy the air, the sunshine, and the company!

The most important metro stop... By the way the metro is called something that sounds uncannily like "tuna-bananna" in Swedish!

And that was an important metro stop because it took us to IKEA!

OMG, we wanted nothing more but to gorge ourselves on meatballs! But the cafe was closed by the time we were there! OMG shops in Sweden close so early! H&M was closed at 6p.m. Can you believe it? By the way I bought a cute dress in Sweden's H&M :))

Our dinner.
"Hey-door" is how you're supposed to say goodbye in Swedish. It's the only other word I can remember. "Hej Hej" is hello by the way xp

By the way we missed our cruise to Finland because we were underaged! Can you imagine?! They told us that we had to be 23 YO and above... damn... haha but the good thing is that we got to spend more time in Sweden

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