Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Cooking, Camera and kfC! The 3 C's of my Life

Yes, Karen Wong Qin Ling has been cooking! Unbelievable right? Haha... but its just so fun that I can't stop ><>

A white-sauce pasta dish with chicken, mushrooms and olives! Olives are just yum! I love them so much :D :D :D
Work in progress...
Tada! Tomato soup!
I got a new camera at last! Sorry mom, I had to pay in cash because my credit card kept being rejected! It was a steal: 266 SGd! The price of the camera, the memory card, and a free gift (a pair of binoculars) was unbelievable :D Happy~~~ Looking forward to taking lots of photos. Thank you, Xiang Yan for helping me get the camera at Alza! :) :) :)

Had KFC for lunch with XY and Ricky (my two fave people in Prague) at Novy Smichov. Yum! It was a great reward after helping Ricky move into XY's place.

Ah... I still have so many places to blog about :P

Whoever you are, wherever you are. Yes, you out there. I hope that reading my blog is as fun for you as it is for me living my life. Thanks for reading... if there is anyone reading at all haha...

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