Monday, 28 June 2010

Jenric's Visit :))

Hello! I'm back from Rome (Roma), and it's been a really exciting trip! But you'll have to hear about Rome in another blog post because I have to fill you in about some events before that...

And so, I'll be telling you about Jenric's visit to Prague!

My report card: I've gotten over my terrible grades >< haha... I'm an exchange student afterall, so I have the liberty of doing badly... LOL
Now I know why I kept seeing the "back view" of my room mates. It's a long story...
Paying rent for the last time!

Cool huh? I really liked it!
Prague's famous TV tower with sculptures of babies crawling along its length.

PANDA restaurant serves delicious Chinese cuisine. I was surprised how good it was! Haha... I think it was mainly because of MSG.

We went to see the fountain with Jenric

Jenric studying the menu at our local bar. Yes, she's amongst towering mugs of beers! This girl can drink!

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