Monday, 28 June 2010

Budapest... a little hint of Solo Travel

An interesting statue caught my eye: two soldiers locked in an embrace! Right in front of the train station in Prague!
We took a train to Budapest, it was a seven hour ride.

Haha... silly photo in the toilet of the train!

Train station in Budapest.

We went for our first free walking tour: Jewish walking tour! Meet our tour guide, she's really nice!

My fave part of the tour: ruins bar.

Wine with soda, a must-try!


Our hotel.

Goose-liver! I remember that it was Aunt Juvina who introduced me to this!

Foxy I love you!
Our guide for the walking tour on our second day in Budapest. We joined a general walking tour about Budapest.

Love-locks! You can find them everywhere in Europe! Mostly on bridges!

It was raining non-stop for three days in Budapest, hence to flood><
We cross the bridge, leaving Pest, and heading over to Buda.

Can you see the bullet holes in the wall?
A car from the communist era.

Fisherman's Bastion: Walt Disney's inspiration.

After lunch, the three of us went on our separate ways. JC went for a turkish bath, Jingyi went shopping I think. And as for me, I went for a "communism tour".
Aha! It's Gabor again, my guide from the morning tour, and he remember me!

I met a new friend, he's a Malaysian exchange student in Norway.

The water's so clean that you can drink from the fountains!

The oh-so-sinful-dinner.

Sunset was breath-taking.

Thermal baths! Something you have to do in Budapest!
I met a really nice guy from Geneva in the pools. We chatted for quite a while til I was heady from the heat! Apparently he works for the UN and used to be a footballer! What an interesting fellow :D I kinda lost JY and JC because they went to explore the rest of the bathhouse while I was chatting with the friendly gentleman. So, I left the bathhouse early and went to explore my surroundings.

I found a circus!

It was so hot that day! I couldn't resist buying an ice-cream :))
I met a gypsy from the circus who was training his pony :D so I asked him to pose for a picture

Food for ducks!

But the pigeons were more interesting in the food. Where were the ducks??? They were adamant about ignoring me attempts at feeding them.

I soaked my feet in the pond after spying an elderly lady doing the same.

I chanced upon "heroes' square" by accident!

The burger kept me company on the long and arduous train ride back to Prague. We had a huge problem with our tickets, and the ticket inspectors were very rude about it. So, we had to pay a 17 euro fine to solve the problem. OMG...

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