Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Je t'aime, France!!!

Arrived at Beauvais airport where we took a shuttle bus to the city centre of Paris!
Ricky gave me a painting he did in Greece! What a talented guy :):):)
Meeting at the St Michel fountain for the free walking tour of Paris.

Omg it's the Louvre!
Did you watch "Devil wears Prada"? Remember the scene where Anne Hathaway throws her mobile phone into a fountain and leaves the "devil" for good? That's the fountain!!!
Eiffel tour, she's a real beauty.
Checking into our hotel to rest.


Creme brulée

Camping out at the train station at five in the morning. We just had to catch our train!!!
We got onto the TGV just in time!
Our hotel in Bordeaux.

Our tour of the vineyards

Haha... Ricky's showing me some bed gymnastic moves LOL...
I gave it my best shot!
Best pizza in Bordeaux! Best pizza I've ever eaten!

It was raining! Pouring! So Ricky made me a hat!

On wards! Towards Versailles!

The street of shopping!

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