Tuesday, 18 May 2010

We met up with JC's old friend, Xiu Li at the Keukenhof Tulip Garden. I was both excited and nervous to meet someone new. For some reason, we arrived an hour early at the garden! >< We sat in the tourist information center and chatted to pass time.

After an hour of waiting, we finally met up with XiuLi, her mom, and XiuLi's dutch friend, Robin.
It turns out that Robin was a girl that we were admiring in the tourist info centre. She had long blonde hair, beautiful eyes and a sweet disposition :))
XiuLi and her mom seemed to really love flowers! There was flowers in every corner of the garden! It was a cheerful explosion of colours and smells! The air was filled with the sweet scent of flowers and a slightly woody damp scent of rain.

The six of us soon grew hungry and had lunch at the cafeteria in the garden.

We stayed for a little longer after lunch before returning to the central. I was still a little heady from the dazzling array of tulips!

Afternoon tea was XiuLi's mom's treat! We ate in a mall in the Schiphol Airport. XiuLi and her mom are really really nice folks: XiuLi's very easy-going and has a contagious laughter, and her mom is just perfectly motherly!

We then parted ways. Robin headed home while XiuLi and her mom went back to their hotel to rest.

The three of us ventured a bike-paddling tour in the canals of Amsterdam! I was horrendous at navigation and caused quite a few "accidents" in the canal! People we met in the canals were roaring with laughter at our "excellent" boating aptitude >< lll
Dinner was pancakes at Sara's Pancake Place! Yum! JC's got a sweet-tooth! You would be amazed by the speed that he wolfs down the pancakes! I swear, the pancakes disappeared right before my eyes!
Can you guess where we are?

After dinner, we sought entertainment in Amsterdam's famous Red Light District.

Ahaha... I shall leave the rest up to your imagination! Good night!

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