Saturday, 16 July 2011

First Trip to Downtown

My first trip to Downtown Sandusky was a full day affair together with Cherlyn and Chloe.

We first stopped at a scenic playground to take pictures. We then bummed around a little before stumbling upon a quaint little café called the Lunch Box. The food there was excellent, and the service was pretty good. I ordered a Latte, and a breakfast set of sausage, toast and eggs. It was so delicious!

After brunch, we stopped by the Merry Go Round Museum, where Cedar Point Employees were allowed to enter for free. Next, we visited the library where Chloe and I signed up for memberships! We then left to admire some of the Churches that were nearby.

And we concluded our day with a buffet at Walmart: just the three of us, plus a Bulgarian friend called Martina.

Doesn’t it sound like a peaceful day? It was pretty much… but in the evening, Stefan got a little annoyed with something, which was adorable. It was just a misunderstanding… I’m really not the most eloquent person when I’m tired. Just ask Cherlyn (my roommate), she’s had a taste of my crazy jumbled-up conversation skills once the clock strikes twelve.

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