Saturday, 16 July 2011

My First Trip to the Mall

After spending an entire month in Sandusky, I finally made time to visit the mall yesterday. The shopping was pretty great; there were many hot deals that I’m just dying to check out again. The damage to my paycheck was minimal because I only bought a pair of slippers from Old Navy. They cost only $2.60 (USD) because they were on a 50% discount! I am cheap, I know… and I like it that way. Why pay more, when you can pay less for almost the same thing? So I only eye items on clearance sales, or on mad discounts!

The shopping was so distracting that I actually missed the shuttle bus back to cedar point! Arg… had to wait in the drizzle for the city bus… note to self: the American dream is something that doesn’t run on clockwork… always be prepared… and be early whenever possible!

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