Monday, 20 July 2009

The light beyond the darkness

Heya, I'll fess up...haha I have a paper on wednesday and I've been watching a whole lot of cartoons >< boo~ please let there be no retribution for my misdeeds in the realms of education.

I've been reading plenty of my friend's blogs and there's one thing I realised: everyone is very, why, why? Why god is there darkness stalking the blogs of ntu students? Yeah, I'll be insane not to admit that life has its scary moments when we get caught up in our insercurities...wait a minute...did i even spell that word right? Haha...should have been i-n-s-e-c-u-r-i-t-i-e-s

Anyway, to anyone and everyone who reads this, please listen to the greatness of Marge Simpson: "The mistakes we make in life, they're called experiences :)"

So if this idiot (i'm refering to myself by the way, haha) ever gets stressed up about anything, please hit me (not too hard ;p) and remind me that everything is just part of the great adventure we call life. :)

Peace out, enjoy the moment while it lasts :)

I'm so looking forward to my sister's birthday lunch this week.

Why does everyone think I'm the older sister? Boo...

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