Sunday, 3 January 2010

Nodame Complete!

Gyabo!!! I can't believe it...I am really blur to this degree. I finished reading the last chapter of nodame cantabile and didn't realise it. After yesterday's movie outing with umamama, angela, shirely and jason (yes, sherlock holmes was super awesome), I rushed home to read the last chapter of nodame cantabile when I heard from jason that the manga was finally complete. And to my horror, I've already read that chapter weeks ago T-T

Maybe I should start 2010 with a new year's resolution: eliminate any acts of sotong-ness. Gya...but I don't think it's possible.

We stopped by Mango yesterday while shopping and I must say that I really miss working at mango already!!! I mean I think this is the first job that I really love because of the fantastic company at work! We work hard and play hard too... hopefully we did more of the former of Candy(the boss) will... cough...murder...cough... us. Really missing all my friends there right now ><

Gonna head to the STA office at bugis to get our isic card done today! Whee~

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