Saturday, 23 January 2010

Reply to Kellie's SMS

Heya this is my second blogpost from Prague! :)) So here's a post with me replying a pretty long sms from my Kellie.

What have u been doing these days?

For the first three days since arriving in prague, Jingyi, Jin cheng and I have been familiarising ourselves with our neighbourhood and the local transport system. So far, we have taken the metro and the tram. I think that I'm starting to get the hang of traveling by train though it can be a little confusing at first since there are barely any signs in English...and some of the station masters either cannot or do not want to speak English.

Today, we went to Old Town Square by train. We ambled along the cobbled stoned paths and visited the Loreta Church, Charles Bridge, Prague Castle(er...we were looking at it from a distance? hehe...), and we also watched the appearence of the twelve Apostles at the Astronomical Clock Tower! We had kebabs, hot chocolate and hot wine for lunch today.

Who cook n u eat what?

Jingyi has been doing most of the cooking. You can log on to facebook to see the photos of our meals...I will try to post some photos if I have time. For breakfast, we mostly have bread and coffee. Because we are mostly out during the day, we grab whatever we can find for lunch. Dinner is usually Asian fare...we ate pasta once I think and it was pretty good!

U going to travel soon?

Not too sure about that yet... Will KIV this question and will let you know as soon as we decide to do so :)

Got internet yet?

Obviously...haha...ok, the situation's a little complicated. Let me explain this to you SLOWLY... Our modem's a little we couldn't connect to the internet and were thus disconnected from the world for three days. So we called the agent and he sent someone over yesterday (Friday) to help us with that damned thing! But, he couldn't get it the internet-guy allowed us to tap into his wireless connection for the time being. He will be coming back on Monday to help us settle the problem.

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