Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Britney Tour Dates!

Britney Spears is going on tour!!! OMG I can't believe it! But it's really too bad that she ain't coming to asia. I'm guessing that it's gonna be a tour in the US. Dang..my phone just beeped...my sis says that she's bored at work. But as I always say: boredom is a gift from above. ;p

Anyway, here's some updates from my adventures at work. I reached the lab really early at 9.30 in the morning only to find out that Prof. coming by only in the afternoon. Lol... so I spent most of my day in the resource centre eavesdropping on any conversation I could hear...yes dear, I was desperate for company :3

When Prof finally reached, he buried me under a mountain of scientific literature. It was kinda fun to read at first but some parts (the diagrams) brought back some nightmares of my organic chemistry paper. If I remember correctly, I had only studied 10 out of the 12 lectures! I still thank God for not flunking my sorry a$$ haha. Arg, I should really stop thinking about the coming exam results. Just the thought of it makes me sick. Whew...there's still a month more to go before the great revalation. Thank god...

Anyway, I'll be going back to work tomorrow. I took a day off today to finish reading the scientific literature. But before work, Uma and I are going to take a dip in the pool! Wheeee~~~ Xp

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