Thursday, 11 December 2008

The day before cosplay!

Hohoho! We'll be going to the cosplay event tomorrow! :) I'm super excited!!! Hehe~ cos uma and I are up to no good again...Gahahahaha~

By the way, I'm blogging from the school's resource room because I'm having my lunch break right now. One more hour to go before I head back to the lab to check on my dear peptide! I found a tiny purple crystal today...sigh...why can't it be a ginormous diamond worth millions?

I wonder how many amino acids can I stick onto my peptide today? Not many I suppose since I have 'dog-sitting' duties today = bring the foxy down to poop and pee+ pick up stinky poop+ wipe the dog's ass+ wash his feet (in case he jumps on my bed and tramples on my pillow)

No picture to go along with this post because my phone's camera is still spoilt! But the good news is that my phone's plan will be up soon and I can get a new one! The bad news is...who's going to pay for my next plan?

Must go beg my sister~ mwuahahaha ~ I have long mastered the art of thick skin!

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