Sunday, 7 December 2008

Sunday with the Girls

I should really comb my hair before a picture lol! I guess this is part one of the before and after photos. (This is the before photo! I'll have to get jingyi to send me our group outing photo)

:) I just cut my hair yesterday with uma-chan at a Korean expat hair salon! I love it there!

And again, I was mistaken for a foreigner ;p the lady boss came over to me and said: "You want coffee, tea? You are singaporean?" Haha! She had a look of disbelief when I said that I was local. She said that I looked Korean. It must be the black hair I think. Hehehe~ I'm starting to like my black hair already :)

I always wonder why I'm constantly mistaken for a foreigner... even when I open my big mouth to sprout Singlish...geesh...

Can you guess what's up on Saturday? COSPLAY!!! Hehe~ I won't be cosplaying though

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