Wednesday, 17 December 2008

The Worry wart

"Worry" is the word of the day in my case. ;( I just realized that I had unknowingly made a string of mistakes with my peptide. But according to the very kind and wise phd student, I was't exactly in deep sh*t because my dear peptide could be saved! Hooray!!! He really made my day when he said that I did not have to re-synthesize the entire thing which would take like 40 hours!!! Thank GOD! Thank you phd guy!

By the way, dad didn't seem too happy when I told him that my life's goal was to become a professional groomer. I think he's really keen on making me pursue a phd or something along that line... But the thing is...I really love animals and I want to help them look pretty! Is that even too much to ask for? I've found a grooming course that I'm quite keen on. Should I give it a go? It costs a lot! So chasing after my dreams will probably wipe out my life-savings T-T

Rest assured mom and dad...I'll definitely complete my bachelor's degree in the Bio Sciences even if it's killing my passion for life. Sigh... Can't wait to finish the peptide! Can't wait to go home and play with Foxy!

Why is Foxy getting fatter?

Hm...I think I may be allergic to milk and it took me 20 years to realise it.

Hm...why have my ramblings become excessively random?

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